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Why join us?

We truly care.


Here at Khickster we are more than just a sports and crafts camp, we are a whole camp experience: our main aim is to encourage the development of new friendships and help build confidence in the children whom attend. By sending your child to our camps, whether for one day or for every week of the holidays, they will become part of our Khickster family. A family environment where they will feel safe and comfortable and most importantly will be encouraged to be themselves. 

For us, it’s not about whether they scored a goal in their football game or if they finished 1st in their race: it’s about their smiles, their laughter and watching them create bonds and memories with friends they have made.


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Occupational Therapist on site!

We want to welcome everyone to be a part of our holiday camp experience and that is why we have our very own occupational therapist on site to give staff the support they may need to ensure our camps are welcoming to everyone. 


What we offer

Team building and challenges are a part of our everyday schedule to encourage children to work together, building new friendships and improving social confidence. With a touch of American Camp culture we challenge the children to be themselves through team games and activities, as well as encouraging them to mix with children of all ages.


Our holiday camps are full of a range of activities including: Sports,  Crafts and Motor skills. See more details below. We also have theme days every Friday with a disco, fancy dress and themed activities. 

Camp Experience

We highly recommend sending your child for the full week to get the most out of our holiday camp experience. Each day is different and full of new opportunities and we see the children beaming as the week continues and their new friendships blossom. As we believe attending the full week is so important, we have hugely discounted the price for the full week in comparison to booking the days separately. However should you have other commitments, then your child can still join us for anywhere from 1 day to all 5 days. We hope this gives families some flexibility in the holidays, something we know is often needed!

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Multi Sports

Our camps will be predominantly sports based with a choice  including, but not limited to: 








Lead by our experienced coaches and PE Teachers to help your child develop in a range of sports

We know that Sports all day long is not for everyone and that is why we have planned our camps full of extra activities to keep all kids entertained. 

Including, but not limited to:

*Face Painting*


*Carnival Games*


*Circus Skills*

*Science and Magic Shows*

*Parachute Games*

*Balloon Modelling*



We believe having strong motor skills is a key to a young child’s confidence and that is why we have our very own paediatric occupational therapist on site to guide and help where may be useful.

Children could be helped with anything from tying shoe laces through to throwing and catching. All skills which can help them in their everyday life. 

Our occupational therapist will also work alongside our staff to ensure they are following any advice or guidance. 

Something for everyone

Don't just take our word for it!

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