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Below our are main themes, however please note that any theme can be personalised to any particular interest, such as unicorns, mermaids, paw patrol, dinosaurs, pirates. Anything that your child has a passion about, we can do!

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Add some extra fun to your child's party with one of our awesome face painters and see the priceless happiness when the children see their new look! We provide a variety of different designs for the children to enjoy.

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Why not have an alternative to party bags and have sweet cones instead? Our cones are filled with delightful treats that the children will love! Some sweets can be personalised on request.

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You can choose if you would like a balloon animal/object for just the birthday child or for all attending. This is priced at £30 for up to 35 children.


Balloon design can be matched to your chosen theme and /or chosen more specifically by the children themselves.

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This 2 hour party package includes everything you can think of when you think of a school sports day! Such as space hopper races, egg and spoon races, team sports and some disco games thrown in the mix too!

You can also have a 1 hour sports party with organised sports games of your choice, including football, basketball, dodgeball, volleyball and corner ball to name a few! This option does not include the disco. 

Prizes included in the cost and to be won throughout the party.

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This 2 hour party package includes the DJ and music throughout.

Think of your favourite carnival activities! This party includes a range of carnival stalls, which can be chosen by parents prior to the party.

They could include the tin can knock, circus skills, face painting, water throw sponge, score the goal, skittle bowl and find the key to name a few!

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This 2 hour party includes use of the DJ Disco set throughout. 

Allow your children to feel a part of the circus through our range of circus activities. Children will have the opportunity to learn how to do sock poi, scarf juggling, plate spinning and diabolo to name a few! 

The party will be full of circus themed games and activities as well as lots of opportunities to learn a new skill!

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