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Our 'Pools 4 Schools' programme aims to take away the stress of taking school children swimming  at a local swim centre and instead bring the pool to your school without having to leave the premises!

About Us

The expense of leisure centres and travel can make it challenging for schools to facilitate the national curriculum ensuring children are taught to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of 25 metres.


Khickster’s mission is to make it easier for schools to provide the curriculum in the most cost and time effective way. The ‘Pools for Schools’ programme offers the opportunity to swim within schools own sites, where previously there was only ever the option of a Leisure Centre.

The programme brings everything to your doorstep including Kimberley who is a qualified Physical Education teacher (PGCE) and Cathy who is a level 2 qualified STA swimming teacher. Cathy also has an STA qualification as an aquatic disability teacher giving the opportunity to provide SEN focused classes, where required.







Our team of expert staff have over 40 years of childcare experience all holding an Enhanced DBS and are fully paediatric First Aid trained.


We are the first specialised team in Kent to offer these services. But above all, we are a mum and daughter wanting to make a difference to ensure children are given access to high quality swimming lessons, personalised to their needs.


Cathy Roberts

Kimberley Hicks

What is included?


5.5M x 9.8M pool is filled with 55,000L of water from an outside tap (average 3 days)


12m x 9m lockable marquee over the pool


Chemicals tested several times a day


Qualified swimming teachers


Risk assessments and insurance

What are the benefits?

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Provide swimming for the whole of KS2 at an affordable cost

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No Transport Costs

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Reduce lost learning time in your classroom

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SEN Focused Sessions 

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Filtered and heated pool with all the accessories 

  • Are there any additional costs?
    There will be additional costs of water and electricity to fill and heat the pool. We have estimated this to come in at £400. An outdoor 3 phase electrical point is required, which would be a one-off additional cost, if you do not already have one.
  • What are the teaching ratios?
    We recommend a maximum ratio of 1:10, however these can be flexible. For example for non-swimmers we like to work with 1:5 as this will allow the most progress to be made. For more confident swimmers, this can be up to 1:12.
  • What are the changing protocols?
    This is dependent on each school. Most schools can find a secure area for children to get changed in. If there is no suitable space inside the school, our Marquee company can provide an extra space at an additional cost of £150, which would include a divider to allow one group to change in at a time. If changing space is limited, we can look at single sex lessons to make this more accessible.
  • What is a typical timetable?
    This is dependent on each school. We create a timetable that is personalised to your schools’ goals and needs and this can be discussed in your pre-set up meeting. We recommend 30 minutes intense lessons. It is your choice whether you would prefer to target specific year groups or provide lessons for more year groups throughout the school.
  • Do we need a risk assessment or our own insurance?
    No, you do not need to worry. Khickster Entertainment LTD will provide and have any risk assessments you will need. Everything is covered under Khickster Entertainment LTD insurance policies.
  • What are your health and safety protocols? Do you provide the marquee?
    When the school is closed, the marquee will be locked and the ladder to gain access to the pool is removed. We will be using We Do Events who will be providing the lockable marquee and using their insurance for this too. During the school day, a member of staff will be present at the pool. Over lunch and at the end of the days lessons, the marquee will be locked.
  • Can we provide our own marquee?
    If you have your own marquee that is suitable, we can take off £1500. However please note you would then be responsible for all insurance of the marquee. It also must be lockable overnight.
  • What could an example timetable look like?
    *Please note, this is just an example, the timetable will be completely personalised to the schools needs* Each year group to be split in 2 with roughly 15 children in each group (depending on class size). This timetable is covering 3-year groups, with one class per year. Each slot will allow for 2 groups, meaning ratios are 1 teacher to roughly 7/8 children, allowing for much more personalised learning. 9:05 – 9:35: 1 st 1/2 of year 4 9:40 – 10:10: 2 nd 1/2 of year 4 10:45 – 11:15: 1 st 1/2 of year 5 11:20 -11:50: 2 nd ½ of year 5 12:30 – 1:00: 1:1 / SEN Group if wanted during pupils’ lunch group 1:15 – 1:45: 1 st 1/2 of year 6 1: 50 – 2:20: 2 nd ½ of year 6 BONUS LESSON 2:25 – 2:55 – Monday, Thursday and Friday: Confidence Booster/ Additional Support for students who we identify and think could benefit for some extra pool time.


Khickster Entertainment & Pools For Schools LTD


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